Yay! the day has come when we can finally share Project Lip, our Matte Lip Plumping Primer, with the world. 

We won’t lie its been a long journey to get to this point, with many ups and downs, and there were times when we thought it may not happen. But, thankfully our love of makeup spurred us on and we couldn’t be more excited about the the future of Project Lip & Haych Cosmetics. 

When first dreaming of the product our first thoughts were of creating something that wasn’t already on the market, yes there are other Lip Plumper’s, but not ones that, Prime, Hydrate and can be worn with other lip products without compromising the end result.

You want a natural lip? You got it! You want a matte look? You got it! Its a day when only gloss will do? Yep, you got it! 

We designed Project Lip with a diverse user in mind, yes we all want those full plump lips without the unnecessary surgery, but we want to be unique and some days just call for different looks, and you need your makeup to shape up or ship out! Your lip, your project.


We hope you love the product as much as we do, and would love to hear your comments and thoughts on the product, why not take a sneak peak ‘behind the scenes’ at our campaign shoot with our hot cover star Tara. 


Share your thoughts and images of Project Lip, you’re part of #teamhaych now and there’s no going back. 

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