A   U N I Q U E   M A T T E   P L U M P I N G   L I P   P R I M E R .

A MANCHESTER make-up artist has created a brand new unique matte plumping lip primer, inspired by the current matte lip trend.

This ground-breaking idea has now been launched as Project Lip.

Made in the UK, Project Lip is 100 % cruelty free and uses 100 % natural ingredients.

Project Lip has been developed to be a Unisex product with three key benefits that provide the perfect canvas for any lip look:

  • Prime
  • Plump
  • Hydrate

Working closely with a Cosmetic Scientist, the unique formulation has taken three years to create. Project Lip’s Matte Plumping Primer contains a special ingredient that tingles as it naturally increases the fullness of the lips.

Natural components prime and rehydrate the lips whilst the active ingredients work with the lips own collagen to enhance and give a plumper more defined shape.


T a k e   a   s n e a k   p e a k   ‘ B e h i n d   t h e   S c e n e s ‘   o n   o u r   1 s t   P r o j e c t   L i p   S h o o t

“From the outset I wanted to create a fantastic lip plumping product that doubles as a primer and compliments the Matte Lip Trend that we have loved in recent years. I have had the pleasure of working with fabulous people here in the UK and believe we have developed my perfect lip enhancing product.

I am looking forward to the future with Haych Cosmetics, launching more amazing unique make-up and beauty products.”

¬Joy Howieson – Founder, Creater and Developer Haych Cosmetics

P r o j e c t   l i p   i s   a   w a y   o f   l i f e . . .   T i n g l e   w i t h   u s