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Soft Matte Plump – The ultimate PLUMP in one powerful ground-breaking product!

Project Lip’s Soft Matte Plump is bringing a new PLUMPING generation!
We’ve created a silky smooth soft matte plumping lipstick! With ground-breaking technology you can plump and apply a soft matte colour which instantly increases lip size while adding colour & hydration, giving a fuller, more defined ready to go pout!

Achieve a bigger and more defined pout instantly with Project Lip Soft Matte Plump our instant volume-boosting tingly formula visibly improves the fullness and stimulates collagen production on a long term basis when used everyday for 28 days.

This soft matte lipstick gives an instantly bigger pout, while adding a cushiony, lightweight colour that is buildable for a sheer or fuller look, taking you from day to night within one product. It is infused with a host of nourishing, hydrating and moisturising vitamin E ingredients that instantly replenish vital moisture giving a smooth, plump & hydrated lip!

• Ground-breaking silky smooth matte formula that plumps, conditions and hydrates lips, maintain a zero shine look of a soft focus matte lipstick that has a buildable colour
• Visible increase of lip size instantly and defines lip shape.
• Vitamin E moisturizes lips instantly from application
• Contains collagen boosting ingredients, proven to add volume to lips when applied three times a day for 28 days.
• Contains ingredients that blurs lines and smooths the lips, reducing the appearance of fine lip lines

Vegan friendly
Made in UK